Jack In The Box Takes Garlic Fries Chain-Wide, Probably Not Copying McDonald’s

We’re a little bit fixated on the Gilroy Garlic Fries at McDonald’s, since developing fresh local specialties may be the way forward for the mass fast food retailer. Well, that, and we’re very fond of garlic, fries, and parmesan cheese. Yet while McDonald’s will probably never take the Gilroy fries national, another chain that covers most of the country is introducing its own garlic fries.

garlic friesQ over at Brand Eating, where we learned about this new offering, points out that the sauce is most likely the same one that’s on the Buttery Jack, a burger offering that’s exactly what it sounds like: a burger with butter on it.

That fits into a general trend in fast food of creating new products with the ingredients that restaurants already have on hand: instead of making the menu more complex and more expensive to stock, they just use the existing components in different ways.

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Jack in the Box Introduces New Garlic Fries [Brand Eating]

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