Woman Killed After Trying To Save Daughter From Tiger Attack At Chinese Wildlife Park

While there are many opportunities for us humans to brush up against wildlife, there’s always the risk of getting too close to nature. A recent tragic incident at a drive-through wildlife park in China shows just how dangerous it can be to interact with wild animals, which are, well, still wild, even if we have up-close-and-personal access to them.

A woman was killed after she tried to save her daughter from a tiger attack at Badaling Wildlife World in an area of the park that lets people drive their cars through a Siberian tiger enclosure, the Yanqing County government said in a written statement (via The New York Times).

The video shows the adult daughter jumping out of her car and walking to the other side, where a tiger attacks her and drags her off. Her husband and mother then spring into action, with the mother running after the tiger.

While one media report said that the woman initially left the car because she was arguing with her husband, another quoted an insider who denied that story. Several signs at the park warn: “Cherish your life. Never get out of your car.”

The first woman who was attacked was badly injured, and her mother was killed, according to media reports. The husband and their child — who stayed in the car — were unharmed.

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