GameStop Says Pokémon Go Has Boosted Some Stores’ Sales By 100%

Image courtesy of maulleigh

As we know, some businesses have embraced the Pokémon Go craze as a way to drum up business. That became more evident over the weekend as GameStop used its status in the game to increase sales at some stores by 100%. 

Sales boosted at the 462 stores, which are considered Pokémon “gyms” where players can exercise their captured creatures, provided GameStop with a sharp 6.8% stock increase on Monday.

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CEO Paul Raines tells CNBC [warning: link contains autoplay video] that the stores hosted family type events over the weekend to take advantage of their status in the game.

Raines added that the special events saw the stores selling “significantly” more Pokémon merchandise.

“We’re very happy to see all this excitement around Pokémon in what is traditionally a slower time of the year for video gaming,” he said. “Our sales are rocketing. We’re the largest distributor of Pokémon games and collectibles in the world.”

While the popularity of the mobile game doesn’t appear to be waning, Raines says GameStop’s profit from the game likely won’t either.

He tells CNBC that the company has a number of new titles coming up this fall, and that the retailer plans to continue “taking advantage” of the Pokémon craze.

Sales up 100% in stores with Poke stops: GameStop CEO [CNBC]

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