Report: Verizon Wireless To Increase Data Caps, Plan Prices

Image courtesy of Eric Hauser

Verizon may not have unveiled anything big on July 1st, but according to the rumor mill and the ever-popular “source familiar with the situation,” they’re still planning big things in July. Those plans include increasing the data cap on all of their wireless plans… but at a cost.

CNet reports that Verizon’s “ice cream” plans are getting more generous — and more expensive.

Here’s how Verizon’s pricing currently looks:


And according to CNet’s source, here’s how the revamped plans will look:

  • S: $35 for 2 GB
  • M: $50 for 4 GB
  • L: $70 for 8 GB
  • XL: $90 for 16 GB
  • XXL: $110 for 24 GB

CNet also reports that existing customers can opt into the new pricing scheme if they wish, but will not be required to do so.

It’s part of the same big fancy unveiling that’s still rumored to be bringing rollover data to Verizon customers. Obviously that didn’t happen on July 1, but sources tell CNet it’s coming.

Verizon declined to comment on any of the rumors when CNet asked, but hinted that there will be “fireworks” from the company later this week, and that everyone should “stay tuned.”

Verizon to hike prices on plans but offer more data [CNet]

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