This Is Probably Office Depot’s Top-Secret ‘Store Of The Future’

Image courtesy of frankieleon

After the United States government stood in their way and disrupted their union, Staples and Office Depot broke their year-long engagement earlier this month, deciding not to merge. Now they need to figure out how to go forward and move on as two separate office-supply companies. In Florida, a newly remodeled store offers a hint about Office Depot’s future.

During a recent earnings call, the company’s CEO told investors and analysts about a store of the future that’s already open an undisclosed location. It’s about half the size of a normal Office Depot store, and had “clear signage” inside the store.

Jeff Ostrowski of the Palm Beach Post matched this description to a Florida store that’s about a half-hour drive from the chain’s headquarters in Boca Raton, in Margate. It fits the description with a smaller store, less merchandise, and some very clear and attractive signage all over the store.

Office Depot’s head of e-commerce posted these pictures to Twitter last month, though he didn’t make any reference to the renovated location being anything but a cool-looking refreshed store.

Staples is also working on reinventing itself, creating communal office space in space inside its stores that isn’t needed.

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