Bank Of America To Allow Android Pay Cash Withdrawals At Some ATMs

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart

Back in January, Bank of America jumped on the card-free bandwagon by developing new ATMs that allow customers to withdraw cash or complete other tasks using their cellphones instead of their bank cards. This week, the company took that initiative a step farther, announcing it would let customers perform those tasks through Android Pay. 

Bank of America announced the plan to incorporate Android Pay into its cardless ATMs during Google’s I/O developer event earlier this week, noting that it expects to have about 5,000 of the machines around the country by the end of the year.

“Consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices to manage their daily lives, and we’re committed to delivering solutions that give them convenient and secure options when it comes to managing their money,” Michelle Moore, head of Digital Banking at Bank of America, said in a statement.

Bank of America’s cardless ATMs — first piloted in Boston, Charlotte, New York City, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley — can be identified by the contactless symbol near the card reader.

The new cash dispensing machines will also accept payments for BofA credit cards, cash checks, and provide customers with a variety of denominations.

To use the machine, customers select their Bank of America debit card in their digital wallet and hold their device over the ATM’s contactless card reader to activate the ATM. They then follow the normal process to enter their PIN, select their account, and initiate a withdrawal, transfer, or balance inquiry.

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