Of Course Everyone Wanted To See Burger King’s Hot Dog Training Video Starring Snoop Dogg

doggCall us cynical, but we’re pretty sure that Burger King’s new Grilled Dogs training videos were never intended as an “internal use only” tool to train employees on how to top and sell the chain’s new grilled hot dogs. The company claims that once word got out that the videos existed, the public clamored to see them. It’s believable that people wanted to see the videos, but maybe less believable that this wasn’t their plan all along.


The Grilled Dogg video was first “leaked,” then released on YouTube, along with a version for Spanish-speaking employees starring the performer Charo that is not, strictly speaking, in Spanish.

It could be that the boring details were left out for a public release, but neither video actually shows you how to cook or dress the hot dogs. They describe the toppings, sure, but both are more about marketing the new product than about training.

Yet we’ve embedded the videos here for you, and we enjoyed them, so Burger King gets exactly what it wanted without having to buy nationwide ad time. Well played, Burger King.

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