Burger King Grills Up Some Hot Dogs, Adds Them To The Permanent Menu



Hot dogs aren’t currently part of the fast-food menu at major chains, though you can get them at smaller chains like DQ and Sonic. Both Burger King and McDonald’s have experimented with them in the past, and we’ve heard that Burger King has been testing them in a few markets since last spring. The test was apparently a success, and Burger King is adding hot dogs to the permanent menu later this month.

Test markets for this new product, which are called “Grilled Dogs,” also had corn dogs available. Those didn’t make the national menu, but a chili cheese dog variation did. The “classic” hot dog comes topped with ketchup, mustard, onions, and relish, though you can probably order it without any of those items. I say this to avoid a ketchup-related holy war in the Consumerist newsroom.

“We’re applying over 60 years of flame-grilling expertise with the Whopper sandwich to make Grilled Dogs the next great American icon,” says Alex Macedo, the president of Burger King North America, said in a statement, even though dressed hot dogs and chili dogs are already American icons in their own right.

We asked Burger King about that hot dog from decades past. “This is the first time BK is launching a grilled hot dog in the United States nationally,” a representative told us, which means that either the older hot dog wasn’t grilled, wasn’t available nationally, or was neither.

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