Police: Drunk Uber Passenger Stole His Driver’s Car, Crashed It Into Curb

It’s one thing to hail a car to take you somewhere, but it’s an entirely other, illegal thing to call for that ride and then take the car yourself. Police in Oregon say a drunken Uber customer fought with his driver before making off with his vehicle.

According to law enforcement in Tigard, OR, near Portland, an intoxicated man was arrested on Saturday night after he got into an altercation with his driver and ended up stealing his car, reports OregonLive.com.

The driver claimed the man was drunk, and that the passenger began to verbally abuse him while they were on their way from Portland to Tigard, before turning physical.

When the passenger started to make it difficult for him to drive, the Uber driver pulled the car into a convenience store parking lot to get help. The passenger slipped into the front seat while the driver was inside, witnesses told police later, and drove away in the car.

Police later got a call about the stolen vehicle, and ended up finding the Uber driver’s vehicle, crashed into a curb. The suspect was later arrested at a nearby home, and charged with DUI, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, reckless endangering and intimidation.

Intoxicated Tigard man attacks his Uber driver, steals his car, police say [OregonLive.com]

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