For A Brief, Glorious Moment, An Igloo In Brooklyn Was Listed On Airbnb

boutiqueIf your dream vacation is to sleep out under the stars and enjoy the brisk winter air from inside a secluded retreat yet remain right inside the city, the perfect opportunity for you was briefly available for only $200 per night on the rental site Airbnb. Unfortunately, the site immediately pulled the listing, perhaps suspecting that renting out an igloo in a Brooklyn backyard was against housing codes.


The igloo was the product of some dudes living in Brooklyn who thought that making an igloo might be fun, and listing it on Airbnb as an actual vacation rental would be even more fun. They hollowed out a snow pile, took some nice photos, and loaded up the listing with buzzwords. “Boutique Winter Igloo for two,” they called it, since you couldn’t fit any more people in it than that.

Dripping with ingenuity and alt-lifestyle aura lays the Snopocalypse of 2016’s most desirable getaway. Hand-crafted, and built using only natural elements – we’re offering the experience of a lifetime in this chic dome-style bungalow for you and bae.


A helpful Airbnb representative explained the delisting, since the site does have standards. A representative contacted the igloo-keepers, explaining why their listing had been pulled. “Unfortunately, your igloo, while very well constructed, has failed to meet our occupancy standards and has been removed from search results. Be sure to pick a place with running water, electricity, and a roof that doesn’t melt.” If the roof melts, then by definition the lodging has running water!

At least the igloo saga amused people who were snowbound yet still had Internet access.

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