Comcast Incorrectly Insists Customer Still Owes $400; Her Credit Score Drops By 215 Points

In spite of the fact that Comcast has proven time and again that it’s completely ill-prepared to handle the accounts of more than 20 million customers, credit bureaus still believe it when the cable giant insists that a customer still owes money.

Take, for example, the Virginia woman who paid off a $400 debt owed to Comcast last year. Unfortunately, while Comcast took the money, it never updated its records to reflect that the customer no longer owed the amount.

The customer says she subscribes to a credit monitoring service, which is how she found out that the supposed debt had been reported to the credit bureaus, resulting a 215 point drop in her credit score.

“My family and I thought we were in a good credit position to seek a home. A single family home, but you can’t get that with your credit report being knocked back like that,” she tells WTVR-TV in Richmond.

Not surprisingly, attempts to remedy the situation through the proper Comcast channels proved fruitless.

“You’re calling a number that you’re given to call for help, but they’re transferring you to someone who cannot help you and doesn’t even have anything to do with that department,” she recalls.

The one thing Comcast does respond to is the media. And after WTVR got involved, miraculously Comcast gave a hoot about this account.

The Kabletown folks admitted to making an error and said they would notify collection agencies, who will then notify the credit bureaus, who will then hopefully update her credit report.

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