IKEA Creates Stuffed Animals Based On Kids’ Drawings Because What Do Adults Know About Toys, Anyway?

multibestWhile we’re sure there are a lot of very experienced, bright and imaginative adults out there designing toys, who knows what a kid wants better than a kid (see: Big)? That’s why IKEA is straying from the traditional, realistic stuffed animal and instead, offering plush toys straight out of the imaginations of a few lucky children.

IKEA’s fundraising efforts this year through its Soft Toys for Education line led it to tap directly into the minds of kids, taking 10 winning entries and turning them into real stuffed animals.

Each toy purchase will donate €1 toward children’s education projects via Unicef and Save the Children.

As one might expect, the winners are pretty much the best thing ever, and will likely make you wish you were six years old again, with a huge, new box of crayons at your disposal. Here are a few more (full list of winners here and their real-life counterparts here), try to contain your squeals of delight:






(h/t AdWeek)

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