Microsoft Begging Windows 10 Users To Please Not Switch To Another Web Browser

Microsoft really really wants customers to use Edge, the web browser that’s replacing Internet Explorer. So much so that it’s apparently willing to beg Windows 10 users who switch their default browers to say, Chrome or Firefox, to pretty please just give Edge a chance. Just a teeny tiny chance.

A leaked Windows 10 preview spotted by The Verge shows a new prompt that pops up when users switch their default browser from Edge to something else, reading “give Microsoft Edge a shot.”

To try to convince users, the dialog box informs people that you can write on webpages with Microsoft Edge, and it’s integrated with Cortana and has a reading view and rainbow sprinkles will shoot out of your computer every time you use it, showering you in sweet, candied love.

“Don’t switch and try now,” the prompt reads, sending users to Edge instead of setting a rival browser as the default. The same sort of desperation appears when users attempt to switch other default apps, including photo and music apps, urging folks to stick with the built-in programs instead.

This could always change, however, as this is a leaked build of a Windows 10 update that won’t ship for a few more weeks. Microsoft could decide it’s too proud to beg, or perhaps just change its tack.

It could be a good move if Microsoft wants to avoid ticking off Mozilla and Google, considering the former already expressed its annoyance over the fact that the new version of Windows overrides current preferred apps by default, unless the user knows how to change this while installing Windows.

Microsoft Begging Windows 10 Users To Not Switch To Another Web Browser [The Verge]

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