Google Fiber Sends You Flowers, Hopes You’ll Break Up With Cable Company

While Google Fiber may not be the fastest kid on the block anymore, it’s still faster than most Internet providers and it doesn’t have a long history of making you feel bad just for being a customer. And it knows how to woo, delivering flowers to potential customers in the hope that they will be wooed into a fling with Google.

Over the weekend, a reddit user in a neighborhood served by Google Fiber posted the above photo of these flowers delivered to his door by the Internet giant.

“We were in the neighborhood and thought we’d say hello,” reads the love note. “Not long ago, we connected your house to our fiber-optic network. That means if you want super fast Internet, you’re only one step away.”

Unfortunately, notes the redditor, he’s still in contract with his current company. However, some have suggested — and it’s worth a shot — that he contact Google to see what, if anything, the company might be willing to do to get him out of that contract.

Google Fiber isn’t perfect. But it provides much-needed competition in the broadband business, and in cities where it goes up against similar services, existing providers have sometimes boosted their speeds or dropped prices. In the case of AT&T’s GigaPower service, the company charges $40/month less in markets where it has to compete with Google Fiber.

Maybe AT&T or Comcast will take a lesson from Google’s flowers and go full-on Lloyd Dobler on customers:

[via DSLreports]

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