Turbulence On Hawaii-To-Philippines Flight Leaves 15 Injured

More than a dozen passengers flying from Hawaii to the Philippines on Friday were injured when the plane hit an unusually rough patch of air.

The Associated Press reports that 15 people received medical attention after the Philippine Airlines flight safely landed at Manila airport.

The plane, which was carrying 132 passengers, experienced clear air turbulence after departing Honolulu around noon on Thursday, the Ninoy Aquino International Airport tells CNN.

Medical personnel, airport officials and PAL customer relations officers met the plane at the gate to provide assistance to the passengers, the airport statement said.

Clear air turbulence is unusual as it is not associated with clouds and cannot be detected visually or by conventional weather radar.

Passengers on the flight tell local reporters in the Philippines that the plane suddenly fell and rose during the trip, throwing many off-balance or out of their seats.

Turbulence on Hawaii-Philippines Flight Hurts 15 Slightly [The Associated Press]
At least 15 passengers injured in PAL flight turbulence [CNN]

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