Microsoft To Kill Off Zune Streaming Music Service You Probably Didn’t Realize Still Existed

Image courtesy of Christine Zenino

While Microsoft stopped making Zune devices in 2011 and ditched its Zune music store in favor of Xbox Music in 2012, its Zune streaming music service was still hanging in there… until now: the company says it’ll kill off that service on November 15.

Users won’t be able to stream or download content from Zune after that, Microsoft says (h/t to The Next Web), and if you’ve bought content that comes with DRM, it might not play. Any MP3s already on your Zune device will still play, of course.

Zune Music Pass subscribers will be moved to Microsoft’s Groove service, which is compatible with Xbox One, Windows 10, Android and iOS.

Those on the Zune monthly or three-month plan will be switched to a $9.99 per month plan on Groove, while yearly subscriptions convert into annual Groove Music Passes for $99.90 a year.

The Zune was Microsoft’s failed attempt at taking on the Apple iPod in 2006, and immediately received negative feedback. One review at the time called it “a complete, humiliating failure.”

That being said, we’ve got to give the brand credit for limping along as long as it has. Fare the well, old, unpopular friend.

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