Surprise! This $200 Off Kroger Coupon Is Actually A Scam

krogernopeThis coupon promises to get you $200 off your next $20 shopping visit to the supermarket chain Kroger. Well, except for how the coupon doesn’t actually work at Kroger. Or exist. The promise of unrealistically amazing coupons is used to get people to click on a link that could harm your computer.

While it might seem obvious to you that a $200 off coupon for a $220 purchase is not a real thing, people who aren’t so scam-savvy or coupon-savvy are falling for it and clicking through.

It’s a good idea to avoid coupons that don’t originate with a product manufacturer or a retailer: if a friend passes you a coupon using e-mail or you see the promise of an unbelievably good coupon on Facebook, don’t believe it. Swapping coupons with trusted friends is fine, but buying coupons on eBay, for example, can land you in a world of trouble.

If you want to help rid the world of scammy coupons, the Coupon Information Corporation, an industry-funded group, wants your help. They’re currently holding a survey and collecting information on where people swap coupons on Facebook.

Here’s the statement that Kroger published about this specific coupon earlier today:

Attention Kroger Customers: There is currently an unauthorized “Save $200 when you spend $220 or more in one transaction” offer circulating. This giveaway is not affiliated with or supported by the Kroger Co. in any way. We recommend not engaging with the site(s) that offer links to the coupon, or providing them with any personal information. Our team is actively working with Facebook and domain service providers to address the concern.

There is currently an unauthorized “Save $200 when you spend $220 or more in one transaction” offer circulating. [Kroger]
Coupon Information Corporation
Kroger warns of fake $200 coupon [WVEC]

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