Walmart’s Getting Really Sassy About Amazon Prime Day

While the Internet mocked Amazon’s new shopping holiday, Prime Day, and waited for a cheap large TV that they had no chance to buy, competing mega-retailer Walmart declared their own day of deals. Now that Prime Day has passed, Walmart is still making fun of the weaknesses of Amazon’s event.

At first, Walmart mocked one basic difference between their own business model and Amazon: customers don’t have to pay $100 for a Prime subscription (or sign up for a “free trial” that they might forget to cancel) to gain access to Wally World’s deals.

Now that the event is over, Amazon says that in spite of public derision and complaints, they sold a lot of stuff. That’s great. Walmart is still making fun of the perceived weaknesses of Prime Day, though. Reader Chris sent over this screen grab from the front page of Walmart’s mobile site this morning.


Very funny, Walmart, but if anyone knows how to haul junk out of the warehouse and call it a “deal,” it’s you.

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