Burger King Testing Hot Dogs And Corn Dogs Because Why Not

(The Impulsive Buy)

(The Impulsive Buy)

Last year, we began to question reality when we learned that Burger King was offering hot dogs and hamburgers for breakfast. We came to accept this over time: after all, what makes a valid breakfast varies by culture and from one person to another. Yet Burger King is now testing non-breakfast hot dogs here in the United States for some reason.

Here at Consumerist, we respect the humble hot dog, but the addition of hot dogs to the Burger King menu is an interesting experiment.

They’re currently being tested in Michigan and Maryland, though we can’t tell you exactly which towns you can find them in. The corn dogs cost $1.49 each, and the grilled hot dogs (which apparently “grilled” in the same way as Burger King’s burgers) topped with ketchup, mustard, onions, and relish cost $1.99 each. You can probably ask to have any of these elements left off, because ketchup on hot dogs is an abomination.

One Twitter user pulls all of these themes of breakfast and hot dogs together:

FAST FOOD NEWS: Burger King Grilled Dogs and Corn Dogs [The Impulsive Buy]

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  1. GnRJosh says:

    Seriously, a hot dog being served at a burger joint is commonplace and shouldn’t be treated like it’s the weirdest thing ever. Not understanding the level of incredulous overtones the author is conveying in this article. I get it that hotdogs for breakfast is a bit weird, but I totally would expect it for lunch or dinner. What I DO find shocking is they’re going to charge $2.00 for what looks like an average hot dog. Are they 1/4lb All-Beef franks or your run-of-the-mill bun-size lip-and-a**holes tubes?

    • strictures says:

      If they’re not 100% beef, they have no chance of selling any in Chicago.

    • Xenotaku says:

      Yeah, they look a lot smaller than the Costco hot dogs (or polish sausage), which, in my area, run $1.50 for that and a drink.