Report: Shake Shack Considering Getting Into The Chicken Game

Though burger chain Shake Shack has yet to extend its reach to every state or even region of the United States, the company is reportedly ready to start looking beyond beef patties and enter the chicken sandwich arena, according to a new report.

With 63 locations worldwide, including 10 in its hometown New York City and elsewhere in the U.S. in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, Connecticut and New Jersey, CNBC says Shake Shack is mulling the idea of expanding into the chicken market, citing a recent trademark filing for “Chicken Shack.”

A subsidiary of the company filed for the “chicken shack” trademark on April 20, with a note that the trademarked phrase only pertains to chicken sandwiches, so it’s doubtful there’s an entirely new chain of chicken restaurants in the works.

While Shake Shack is staying mum on any plans, it’s not uncommon for companies to proceed with trademark applications before announcing new menu items. The chain currently only has one menu offering that includes chicken, a “chicken dog” that’s made with chicken, apple and sage sausage.

“Shake Shack was born from a fine dining company, and we constantly test new menu items in our test kitchen,” according to a statement from the company yesterday. “We have no new items to announce at this time, except for the new ParkBurger at New York’s Madison Square Park, which reopened today.”

Burger chain Shake Shack eyeing chicken [CNBC]

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