Chipotle Reveals Its Guacamole Recipe To The World

Is Chipotle farther away than your own kitchen? Probably, but that won’t matter now if you’ve got a hankering for the chain’s guacamole, because Chipotle revealed its recipe and instructions on how to make the good green stuff online Sunday morning.

After making the announcement that it’s going entirely GMO-free with all its ingredients, its latest effort to woo the public appears to be a straight appeal to the tastebuds.

“We know that you know that guac is extra, but have you ever thought about what makes it so delicious? Well, it starts with sourcing the best whole ingredients possible, and ends with a quick mash in our restaurant. In fact, it’s so easy, we’re going to show you how to do it below,” Chipotle says on its website.

The recipe includes ingredients known to anyone who makes guacamole at home: Avocados, lime juice, salt, jalapenos, red onions and cilantro. Though the proportions are on a smaller scale — two avocados per homemade batch instead of the 48 used at Chipotle — other than that, Chipotle says this is it’s recipe.

You can find the step-by-step ingredients (basically: Chop, add, mix, eat, as seen in the gif below) on Chipotle’s site. Charge yourself extra if you feel like it.


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