Should A Landlord Be Allowed To Repeatedly Offer Buyout Offers To Resistant Tenants?

When it comes to courtship, sometimes asking more than once is just too much. That’s why a proposed law in New York City would make it illegal for landlords to offer a tenant a buyout after they’ve already been told that the renter doesn’t want any such deal. But a group representing the landlords says tenants might change their minds down the line.

A bill introduced to the City Council would put restrictions on landlords trying to get rent-stabilized tenants out so they can raise the rent higher than they’re currently able to under rules set by the Rent Guidelines Board, reports Gothamist.

A vacant apartment in NYC can have its rent increased more than one occupied by a rent-stabilized tenant — who gets the option to renew their lease at a lower rate of increase ever year. Offering tenants a buyout is an easy way for landlords to get those apartments empty — and thus, make more money off them.

This bill would prevent repeated buyout offers after a tenant indicates verbally or in writing that they’re not interested in a deal. But a spokesman for The Rent Stabilization Association says that proffering such deals is a form of free speech. And besides, what if someone changes their mind later on?

“I think there’s a real issue here in terms of First Amendment, free speech rights,” he told Gothamist. “If someone says, on January 1st, ‘Don’t bother me. I don’t want to be bought out,’ I don’t think there’s any harm in an owner three months or six months later saying, ‘By the way, have you changed your mind?'” he said. “Is that harassment?”

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