IKEA Releases Catalog Of Furniture That Will Charge Your Phone For You

USA_PR_Wireless_chargingLast month, IKEA announced it would soon be releasing furniture with built-in charging technology so yu could power-up your phones, tablets, and other devices. Now the Swedish home furnishing giant has released a catalog showing off the first of these products that will be available this spring.

The catalog [PDF] released to the press today shows products that fit into three general categories: wireless device charging pads intended to fit in with your home decor, furniture with built-in chargers, and a device that turns everyday furniture into a wireless charger. The retailer is also introducing its own line of wireless charging covers for iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy phones.

If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your home, then you probably want to look elsewhere. The charging furniture and other products are almost exclusively solid white, with the occasional gray or piece of wood present.

In terms of furniture, IKEA is launching two new nightstands — the SELJE ($60) and the NORDLI ($110). Both have a built-in wireless charger in the top surface and a USB charging port.

Then there are three lamps. The VARV floor lamp ($119) is 67″ tall but has a small charging platform attached the pole about halfway up. There is also a much smaller VARV table lamp ($70) with the charging platform for a base. The same goes for the $80 RIGGAD work lamp. Like the nightstands, all the light fixtures have a place to plug in a USB charger.

The standalone charging pads range in price from $28 for a pad that can only charge a single device to $65 for a pad that can charge up to three. As you probably guessed, these each include USB port for charging purposes.

Finally, there’s the $30 JYSSEN charger, which slides into existing cord management slots on some IKEA furniture, but which — with the help of a drill that IKEA will also be selling — can be slotted into any piece of furniture (that you can cut a big enough hole into).

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