These Ads Use Infomercial Tropes To Sell Shelter Pets

laptopcozyPet owners know that domestic animals have many uses around the home. Thousands of years ago, that’s why we welcomed them into our dwellings in the first place, and we’ve come to appreciate them for their other skills as well. Cats were originally welcomed inside to catch vermin, and now they are also alarm clocks and are fur-covered laptop cozies. Dogs now guard our houses and clean up crumbs on the floor.


These ads, produced for the Animal Foundation in Nevada, use the familiar tropes of infomercial spots by showing exaggerated everyday frustrations in black and white that are solved with some kind of gadget, like a Snuggie or an egg tube boiler. In this case, however, the gadget that solves all of your problems is a cat or a dog.

Act now: pets are a valuable investment. They can even increase the value of your home. Sort of. You won’t even have to pay onerous shipping and handling charges. (via AdWeek)

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