NYC Cabbie’s License Suspended After Video Appears To Show Him Pulling Pregnant Passenger From His Car

A New York City cab driver has had his license suspended after a pregnant woman accused him of pulling her from his vehicle during a payment dispute. She says the alleged incident caused her to go into labor five weeks early.

Surveillance video from a building in Midtown Manhattan appears to show the driver opening the door of the cab and hauling the woman out of the back seat, reports CBS New York.

She says the issue began when she got into the cab and the driver told her his credit card reader was broken. So she offered to stop to get cash at an ATM in Brooklyn, she claims, but instead, he told her to get out of the car. When she refused, he took matters into her own hands, she says, pushing her to the ground after pulling her from the car. He then took off.

“I was just in shock — complete shock,” she said. “I was really worried about my baby.”

Being eight months pregnant, she went to the hospital and was checked out and cleared to go home. A few days later, she went into early labor, five weeks ahead of her due date.

She says she immediately filed a police report at the scene, but because she had no visible physical injuries, no assault charges were filed and the case was closed. This, despite the surveillance video showing the incident.

The Taxi and Limousine Commission told CBS that it suspended the license of the accused cab driver in connection with the alleged incident last week.

Cabbie’s License Suspended After Pregnant Woman Is Allegedly Roughed Up [CBS New York]

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