Whoever Called The Cops To Complain About Baby Kangaroo At McDonald’s Must Hate Adorable Things

There are only three reasons I can think of for calling the police over an adorable baby animal such as a kangaroo at a McDonald’s: 1. Said animal is hopping all over the fries 2. Person is unsure if it’s legal to own baby kangaroos 3. You inexplicably loathe tiny, furry cute little faces. It’s unclear why someone at a McDonald’s called the cops to complain about a baby kangaroo in a car seat, but it happened.

The caller in Beaver Dam, WI phoned the cops to say there was a baby kangaroo on the premises — though he didn’t even see it himself and just heard it was around, reports WTMJ4, responding to the dispatcher’s questions of what exactly was going on by saying, “I don’t think that’s right, having a kangaroo in a…. I just come here, that’s what I think.”

After a few more questions, it turns out the kangaroo wasn’t in a cage, but it also wasn’t hopping around willy nilly.

When a police officer responded to the scene, he spoke to the kangaroo’s owner who provided documentation that the animal is a service animal and serves a therapeutic purpose while she’s battling cancer. She provided a doctor’s note saying as much, but did agree to leave the restaurant.

“[She] had indeed brought a small kangaroo, about a one-foot in size kangaroo, inside of a child’s car seat,” says a detective.

The woman owns the joey, named Jimmy, along with her husband, and are well known around the city for owning kangaroos and other animals in the past.

“We’ve dealt with them in the City of Beaver Dam before under similar circumstances,” the police detective says.

The couple weren’t ticketed over the incident after agreeing to leave. McDonald’s says its policy is to make its restaurants accessible to all customers, including those with disabilities and special needs.

You can listen to the complaint call below:

Woman with baby kangaroo asked to leave Beaver Dam McDonald’s [WTMJ4.com]

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