Glitter-Mailing Site For Sale, Bid Now At $70,800

In the last week, the world learned that the site exists, and that the prospect of anonymously mailing an envelope full of the insidious but mostly harmless substance is irresistible to a lot of people. That’s why copycat sites have come into existence, and also the creator of the week-old site has put it up for sale for $70,800.

There are many imitators, including ones that sell glitter in a spring-loaded nightmare box. Like this:

The idea of hiring someone to ship something unpleasant to a third party is nothing new, the site somehow caught the world’s imagination and the creator was unable to deal with it. Other entrepreneurs seeking to ride its (glittery) coattails haven’t found the same viral success. “My friend and I saw this as an opportunity to ‘fill the needs of an emerging market’ with our own glitter shipment business,” said one aspiring glitter mailer, a college student in Ohio.

Bidding on the Australia-based site that’s receiving so much traffic lasts for one more day. The $70,800 only gets you the site itself, and not any glitter stockpiles that it has. [Flippa]

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