Not All Those BBC Shows Will Be Vanishing From Netflix Next Month

Last week, we told you that a large slate of BBC shows — from Doctor Who to Luther to the original House of Cards to Red Dwarf were in danger of disappearing from Netflix come Feb. 1. But the good news is that not all of these series will vaporize before Groundhog Day.

Variety reports that Netflix has confirmed renewal of several of the BBC shows set to expire on the streaming service at the end of the month. Of the shows mentioned above, only Red Dwarf appears to still face the virtual axe, as do Blackadder and Fawlty Towers, so get your binge-watching in now before it’s too late.

Again, What’s On Netflix Now? has a full and updated list of shows and movies destined for Neftlixtermination, so check out that blog before deciding whether you need to take a day off work to watch all of Monarch of the Glen.

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