Yes, People Will Strip To Their Underwear And Wait Outside In The Cold For Free Stuff

(photo: @RenSip)

(photo: @RenSip)

What would you do for the promise of a couple pieces of free clothing? Just think of all the college freshmen who signed away their financial futures by applying for credit cards at orientation (before such marketing was outlawed). A line of 100 or so shoppers in San Francisco may not have to worry about ruining their credit score, but photos of them shivering in their skivvies will probably follow them forever. reports on a pre-Black Friday promotion run earlier today at the San Francisco store of Barcelona-based retailer Desigual, which offered free shirts and tops to the first 100 people who lined up sporting only their undies.

People began showing up around 9 a.m. this morning, when the temperature was around 50 degrees.

“They don’t allow jackets, but they allow accessories,” said one lingerie-clad woman. “So I brought a hot-water bottle.”

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