Mazda Recalls Nearly 100,000 Cars Because Adequate Tire Pressure Is Important

Car manufacturers must meet a number of safety regulations when selling vehicles. One such mandate that the vehicle’s a low-tire pressure warning system works. That apparently isn’t the case for nearly 100,000 of the newest Mazda vehicles.

According to a notice [PDF] on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website, 99,711 model year 2014 to 2015 Mazda 6 sedans were recalled because they may have non-working low-tire pressure warning systems.

Federal regulations require that tire pressure monitoring systems alert drivers by illuminating a warning light in the instrument cluster if one or more tires lose 25% of the recommended air pressure.

When the vehicles were tested according to NHTSA procedure, the system did not have the capability to detect a slow deflation occurring on all four tires simultaneously.

If the vehicles are operated without adequate tire pressure the driver may have a difficult time handling the vehicle. According to Car Talk, incorrect tire pressure can compromise cornering, braking and stability. And in the worst-case scenario, improper tire pressure can lead to tire failure — and an accident.

Owners of affected vehicles will be noticed about the issue and can take their car to a dealer for repair. Dealers will reprogram the software for the tire pressure system.