7-Year-Old Girl Questions ‘Fun Gifts For Boys’ Sign At Tesco

tesco_giftsTesco is a supermarket/superstore based in the United Kingdom. They sell just about everything, including toys. However, one member of the toy-buying public was not thrilled with their holiday marketing. A 7-year-old girl noticed a “Fun gifts for boys” sign on a photo of an alarm clock featuring Marvel superheroes. Wait a minute: she likes superheroes. Why is that only a gift for boys?

They came across this sign at a store in Dorset, England. The girl, Maggie, spotted it first. Her mother recounts to Buzzfeed News that she said something along the lines of, “Well that’s wrong! Anybody can like superheroes, they’re being stupid aren’t they?” The girl’s mother took a photo of her making a grouchy face next to the sign, and posted it to Twitter.

We all know what happens next: global outrage, then an apology from Tesco, the disappearance of the signs, and continuing global outrage as the original photo gets re-tweeted, but not the update. You know, the normal way that the Internet Outrage Machine works.

Meanwhile, Tesco responded, saying that they would take down the sign, telling Buzzfeed that it would be taken down in all stores.

They could just revise it to say “Fun gifts for humans,” because I don’t know anyone of any age who doesn’t like superheroes.

This Little Girl Just Schooled Tesco Over A Sexist Sign Because “Anybody Can Like Superheroes” [Buzzfeed]

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