SUV Drives Into Closing Sears Store, Injures No One

Image courtesy of Trent Rose

(Trent Rose) Not the Sears in question. No SUVs visible here.

(Trent Rose) Not the Sears in question. No SUVs visible here.

When a driver lost control of her Lexus SUV in the parking lot of a mall in Solon, Ohio yesterday afternoon, the story could have had a tragic ending. Instead, only the driver sustained minor injuries. While there was property damage to the shopping center, the car ended up inside a Sears Grand department store…one that is scheduled to close before the end of the year.

Based on the photos in the Cleveland Plain Dealer
, it looks like very little merchandise was even damaged. See, there’s a bright side in the demise of Sears, even for people who aren’t bargain-hunting or looking for large amounts of commercial real estate. The vehicle went through a wall of the Sears store, close ot the wall with a neighboring Marc’s store. (That’s a discount chain.)

An unofficial report from the scene was that the driver’s minor injuries were from bruises when her airbag deployed. Officially, police don’t know whether she had more serious injuries than that, and she was taken to a nearby hospital.

While some Lexus vehicles of that era used potentially deadly or dangerous airbags from Takata, the driver’s 2002 SUV apparently didn’t. See, losing control of your car and plowing into a Sears isn’t all bad news.

Lexus smashes into soon-to-be shuttered Sears in Solon (audio) []

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