California Teen Allegedly Sets Christmas-Themed Stuffed Animals On Fire At Walmart

In the past we’ve reported on some very disturbing behavior when it comes to consumers, stuffed animals, and Walmart (remember the humping incident?). The weirdness continued early this morning at a California store when a teen allegedly started a fire with the toys.

CBS Los Angeles reports that a 13-year-old was arrested after allegedly starting an arson fire at a local Walmart around midnight.

Officials with the local police department say surveillance video shows the blaze started when the teen used a lighter from the Christmas aisle to ignite a display of holiday-themed teddy bears.

A customer was able to put out the fire with a nearby fire extinguisher before firefighters arrived at the scene.

Police officials say the teen suspect, who was at the 24-hour store with his family, was arrested in the parking lot.

Although one person was treated at the scene for shortness of breath, fire officials say no injuries occurred as a result of the fire.

The store was evacuated for nearly three hours while fire officials investigated.

Teen Arrested After Allegedly Lighting Stuffed Animals On Fire In Glendora Walmart [CBS Los Angeles]

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