Cardinals Fans Would Rather Not Eat Cotton Candy That’s Been On The Bathroom Floor

Perhaps officials at Busch Stadium in St. Louis need to look into not only a place for a lady to hang her purse in the bathroom stall (if they don’t already have hooks), but some kind of appropriate resting place for food vendors to set down their wares when nature calls. Because seeing bags of cotton candy on a dirty bathroom floor with some toilet paper is just… well, it’s seeing food on the floor of a public restroom. It’s gross.

Officials say they’re looking into why a cotton candy vendor would put down her snacks in the bathroom after a woman walked in and spotted the bags lying on the floor, reports KMOV.

“The floors were wet. You could see the toilet paper draped underneath it,” she said. “At first you … crack a joke or two and then realize that’s just not sanitary at all. They’re selling that to people and their children. It’s just gross.”

The news team showed the photo to some Cardinals fans, who were duly disgusted. But at least one woman had a good view about the incident, saying she’s not going to generalize and think all vendors do such things. We applaud your open mind.

The Cardinals’ front office isn’t too happy, though, saying in a statement:

“The photograph is very disturbing. Our concessionaire DNC Sportservice is currently investigating this matter to identify the vendor responsible. This behavior is completely inconsistent with our customer service standards and runs contrary to the health and sanitation training all employees undergo. We appreciate this matter being brought to our attention. We want to assure fans we will take all measures necessary to prevent this type of thing from happening again.”

What this photo shows has Busch Stadium personnel investigating [KMOV]

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