Swedish Manufacturer Announces Recall Of One Car For Tire Defect

swedish car Million-car recalls are so last month. In a year marred by vehicle safety issues, one Swedish car manufacturer issued what is likely the smallest recall of 2014: One vehicle.

Koenigsegg Automotive notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that it plans to recall the one 2013 Agera sold in the United States because of a tire problem, NBC News reports.

According to the NHTSA notice [PDF], the vehicle’s Systems Tire Pressure Monitoring System may not illuminate the malfunction indicator light when the vehicle is restarted. If the light doesn’t illuminate properly it could cause the driver to be unaware there is a problem with the tire, increasing the risk of a crash.

Unlike the mega-recalls issued through out the year, Koenigsegg didn’t have a problem tracking down the owner of the million-dollar vehicle since only a handful of the model is made each year.

“We have only one US spec vehicle with this system installed. We located the customer, who had temporarily moved to Europe and had taken the car with him. By the time we had located and made contact, he had already initiated the return of the vehicle to the US.”

Upon reentering the U.S. the vehicle was taken to a dealer where new software was installed to resolve the system issue.

Swedish Automaker Koenigsegg Sets Recall Record [NBC News]

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