USPS To Screw Up Amazon Grocery Deliveries In San Francisco

Like that desperate, failing business-owner who keeps convincing people to give them one last shot to prove that it’s not yet time to hang it up and find something else to do, the U.S. Postal Service has somehow made a deal with Amazon to give it a shot at delivering groceries in the San Francisco area.

According to the Wall Street Journal, USPS will be making fresh food deliveries for the online giant’s Amazon Fresh service in the Bay Area on a test basis for two months.

If USPS — perhaps the least-trusted name in delivery — somehow manages to not completely screw this up, it’s possible the arrangement could be expanded to other markets where Amazon Fresh operates.

The USPS-operated deliveries would be in the wee hours of the morning when most postal service trucks are not in use. Amazon’s insulated delivery bags means USPS can tote the food without having to run refrigerated trucks. Of course, it would also require USPS drivers to deliver that food before the insulated bags give in to the laws of thermodynamics and customers’ food starts to turn.

The postal service really needs something like this to pan out, as it continues to lose money much faster than it can make, while also having to keep a massive pension plan funded.

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