Uber Testing Prix Fixe Lunch Delivery Service Called UberFRESH

uberfreshnewNot content with ferrying people or packages here and fro, Uber is now testing yet another service — lunch delivery. The service is rolling out just in the Santa Monica, Calif. area right now, the company says, and will be limited to the lunchtime hours. Because it’s lunch delivery.

Unlike normal restaurant delivery, with UberFRESH customers will be limited to a few pre-fixe options each day, instead of having an entire restaurant menu to choose from. The options are then refreshed every week. Each meal costs $12, with delivery times running between 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

For customers in that trial area, the UberFRESH service will appear as an additional toggle in the app, on the far right of the slider at the bottom of the screen. Instead of a delivery guy running up to your door, however, customers will meet up with their drivers like a normal curbside passenger pickup.

If the test run goes well through Sept. 5, Uber says it might extend the service and ostensibly, expand it to other areas.

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