Watch Suspected Scammers Install And Harvest Data From ATM Skimmers

plaidskimmerguySkimmers are devices that very bad people attach to unattended credit card readers such as bank ATMs, public transit kiosks, post office kiosks, or gas pumps. They capture card numbers, and sometimes a hidden camera captures PINs, so scammers can clean out victim’s bank accounts. Of course, ATMs have their own security cameras, which catch images of the scammers at work. Like this footage from a recent skimmer installation at Navy Federal Credit Union branches in northern Virginia.

Police released 10 minutes’ worth of footage of ATM skimmer footage, which is interesting mostly because of how normal the “installers” look. If you didn’t know better, you might assume that the men are just reaching in their bags or pockets to get their cards or locate a check that needs depositing. From the lobby camera and from inside the ATM, the installation of skimmer equipment just looks like regular business. At least, until the guy in the plaid shirt sticks his tongue out in concentration. Usually that doesn’t happen while depositing a check.

There’s no sound on the videos, so you can watch them at work if that’s what you’re into.

If you recognize anyone in the video, contact the Fairfax County Police at 703-691-2131.

Police: Reston Bank Hit With ATM Skimmer Device [Reston Now]

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