Used Car Buyer Surprised To Find Vehicle Comes With A Free Boa Constrictor In The Trunk

Not the boa in question. Just another snake guy. (frankieleon)

Not the boa in question. Just another snake guy. (frankieleon)

A free dashboard dongle and a windshield scraper tossed in the back? That’s a pretty good score when buying a used car. Even bigger, and perhaps less ah, desirable? A free boa constrictor hanging out in the trunk.

A woman tells The Daily Mirror across ye olde ponde in the United Kingdom that she hadn’t realized a three-foot boa constrictor was in the used Volkswagen car she’ bought for a few hundred pounds.

At first, she thought it was a rubber toy in the car’s boot — you know, the delightful name the Brits have for a trunk. Isn’t it funny how we all speak English but have DIFFERENT WORDS FOR THE SAME THINGS?!?

Anyway, then it flicked its tongue.

“It’s huge and scary. We screamed and slammed the boot,” she explained.

She and a buddy managed to wrap Mr. Wiggles up in a towel and take him to a nearby reptile rescue facility. Then it was time to talk to the car’s previous owner and figure out why the heck there was a snake in the deal.

He said he’d lost the three-year-old pet two months ago, when he was moving it in a cage to a friend’s place. He searched high and low, and couldn’t find it.

“I checked everywhere. I had ripped that car to pieces,” he said. “I thought it must have got out. I wouldn’t leave it.”

There we go. Happy endings for everyone — one couple gets a snake-free car, and someone else gets a snake back.

”There’s a boa in my boot!” Woman’s terrifying discovery in second hand car bought online [The Daily Mirror]

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