This Is Why Adults Do Not Belong In Chairs Designed For Babies

While there are likely many reasons adults shouldn’t be sitting in furniture meant to hold babies — namely that it’s not built for adults, it’s built for babies — three minutes of camera footage showing you struggling to get unstuck from a high chair is a pretty good example of why you should never try it yourself.

At first, this YouTube video showing a dude stuck in a wooden high chair (h/t Gawker) at a restaurant seems like it’ll be over in a blink — he just has to stretch out his body flat and let his friends slide the chair off of him, right?

Wrong. And his attempts to escape — set to a soundtrack of laughter provided by his amused cohorts –continue to be wrong for a total of three minutes.

Wiggling around with the chair on his butt? Still stuck. Push-up position? Nope. Getting pulled backwards in said position? Not going anywhere without that chair.

Is he finally freed? Will watching this one trick he uses to rid himself of a child’s chair change your life? You can watch below in any case to find out. Let’s just say you shouldn’t watch if you mind seeing a man in his drawers.

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