Police Arrest Rite Aid Customer Because Shooting Up Heroin At The Pharmacy Isn’t Okay

Sure, waiting in line at the pharmacy can feel like a test of one’s patience during what feels like an insufferable amount of time. But while I’m not sure shooting up with heroin while you’re there makes the line go any faster, I do know it’ll get you kicked out of the pharmacy pretty darn quick, no matter how long you’ve been waiting.

Police in Reading, Pa. say Rite Aid customers at one store’s pharmacy were disturbed when their fellow shopper sat in a chair in the waiting area and proceeded to shoot up with heroin, reports the Reading Eagle.

According to the cops, the 39-year-old man walked into the drugstore and asked for a packet of syringes. He allegedly then sat down, opened a bottle of water, cooked up a batch of heroin and injected it into his arm while about a dozen employees and customers witnessed the whole thing.

He then reportedly sat back in the chair by the pharmacy counter and told store workers to call the police, because he wasn’t going to pay for the syringes or the water he’d used. Then he waited for police to arrive.

When the police arrive, they arrested the man on charges of drug possession, retail theft and disorderly conduct charges.

Reading man stuns city pharmacy workers, customers by shooting up heroin in store, investigators say [Reading Eagle]

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