AOL Raises Prices, Still Manages To Have 2.3 Million Subscribers

aolWhen you’re reporting your results to investors, it’s good to focus on the good news. For example, AOL is now taking in more money per subscriber each month: $20.86 compared to $20.03 at the same time last year. What’s that? Yes, of course AOL still has subscribers.

2.3 million people remain who send AOL money every month because…well, maybe they need dial-up Internet service, or they forgot about the automatic charge, or maybe they’re afraid of facing the company’s retention department.

Sure, they’ve lost 250,000 subscribers in the last year, and about 84,000 since we last checked in with the company. Their “churn” rate is about 9%, and there aren’t new customers signing up to replace the ones who have left.

That extra 83 cents from the price increase is an additional $2.3 million in revenue, or two distressed babies!

Second Quarter Results [AOL] (via Quartz)

FROM MAY: AOL Still Has 2.4 Million Paying Subscribers

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  1. Mokona512 says:

    There are also many uninformed people out there. I have fixed many computers for people who were still paying for their AOL service even though they were using a different ISP. The common reason is that those people feel they need to continue paying in order to keep their AOL email account. It takes a bit of work to convince them that they do not need to pay for the dialup service in order to use the AOl email.