Skullcandy Changes Warranty Replacements: Makes Them Easy, Fast, And Generous

It sounds like mid-priced earbud maker Skullcandy has improved their service. We’ve shared stories about the company in the past when their warranty returns were illogical, didn’t disclose geographic limits, or just took an excessive amount of time to ship out warranty replacements. Reader Keith’s experience indicates that things might have changed, though.

He had his earbuds for three years and the receipt was long gone, but he checked in with the company, which offers a “limited lifetime warranty” on products that are defective out of the box or break due to a manufacturing issue. (They also offer 50% off if you’re the one who broke your headphones, which is useful to know if you tend to destroy headphones.) He mailed in his headphones, which did require paying for postage, on July 31st. The package reached Skullcandy HQ yesterday, and today he received an e-mail with a coupon code worth $49 to spend in the company’s warranty replacement store, which he used to buy a newer version of the same earbuds.

“The only stories that I have noticed on the Consumerist regarding Skullcandy have been horror stories,” Keith wrote to us. “My process was both extremely easy and quickly resolved.”

We are delighted to hear when a company with a problematic warranty replacement process changes how they do things, and granting customers credit even for beat-up earbuds is “Above and Beyond” territory. Great improvement, Skullcandy!

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  1. careycat says:

    I did a warranty replacement on a $34.99 set of headphones with Skullcandy earlier this year and had the exact same wonderful experience. They even bumped up the amount of the credit by a few dollars so I could get the model closest to what I had lost – since mine was out of stock / manufacture. Skullcandy is, by my standards, an incredibly customer friendly company.

  2. Pacer says:

    A couple of years ago I ordered direct from Skullcandy. The order hung fire for about 5 weeks and I sent them an e-mail. They immediately apologized and quickly sent my earbuds along with an extra pair because of the inconvenience. I’m pretty happy with them!