Uber Passenger Complains Of Spider Bite In “Filthy” Car

uberxdropOn Friday, the state of North Carolina received its first complaint against the app-based ride-sharing service Uber. The customer’s complaint? His driver arrived late in a “filthy” vehicle, and there were spiders inside the car. Which bit him. The spiders, that is, not the car. As far as we know.

Of course, when you’re riding in a vehicle belonging to a random civilian independent contractor and not a professional limo service, things can go awry. Uber has been known to drive around with kittens in its cars as a publicity stunt, but delivery of spiders to cuddle is not yet a service that they provide.

Uber was rather gracious in its response to the complaint, but took the opportunity to point out that this is why they collect ratings, and that it only takes a few complaints about the quality and cleanliness of a vehicle to shut a driver down.

“We take this feedback seriously – if we receive vehicle quality reports, we will deactivate the driver partner until they are able to prove that the issues have been rectified,” an Uber spokesperson told Triangle Business Journals.

Complaint: spider bit rider in ‘filthy’ N.C. Uber vehicle [Business Journals]

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  1. CzarChasm says:

    A spider bite seems highly unlikely. Most people who think they have a “spider bite” have a staph infection. A spider would never just bite a person if unmolested, and since the fangs are on the bottom, even sitting or stepping on one is not going to cause a bite.

    People are woefully ignorant about spider facts.

    • mzmoose says:

      I agree with you. IF the problem came from the car it is far more likely that they cut themselves (or had their skin otherwise pierced) by something which then got infected.