Bose Sues Beats Alleging Infringement Of Noise-Canceling Headphones

photo (5) The last thing you want when flying early in the morning is to have what little sleep you can get on the plane interrupted by your fellow fliers’ noise. That experience is exactly what makes noise-canceling headphones so popular, and what’s subsequently prompting a bit of a war between Bose and Beats.

Bose filed a lawsuit against Beats Electronics alleging the noise-canceling technology is being wrongfully used in Beats’ headphones, The Verge reports.

According to the complaint [PDF], Bose accuses Beats of infringing on patents that have grown to be an essential part of Bose’s business. Currently, Beats uses noise cancellation technology in its Beats Studio, Beats Studio Wireless, and Beats Pro headphones.

The suit details Bose’s history with the noise-canceling technology including the company’s research and investment into the product.

Bose is seeking monetary damages to compensate for Beats’ infringement and to put an end to Beats’ alleged encroachment on the company’s territory.

Beats is currently being purchased by Apple for an estimated $3 billion. The proposed deal includes both Beats’ streaming-music service and headphone business.

Bose sues Beats ‘to protect’ noise-canceling headphone technology [The Verge]

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