T-Mobile Users Complain About Stalled, Dropped Data

As T-Mobile attempts to roll out its LTE network, a number of the carrier’s customers are complaining about losing wireless data connections.

TmoNews.com points to threads on Reddit and other forums where dozens of T-Mobile customers are venting their gripes about this issue.

Over on the Reddit thread, users on a wide variety of wireless devices say their T-Mo data will suddenly stop working, forcing them to toggle Airplane mode on/off or restart their phones to obtain a working connection.

TmoNews’s Cam Bunton suggests the following band-aid solutions:

• Toggle Airplane Mode off/on: The easiest way to try to reset your connection to the T-Mo network.

• Reboot your phone: Like many electronic devices, phones sometimes just need to be rebooted to get working again.

• Call Customer Service: They may be able to tell you if there is a problem with your account or a known connection issue in your area.

• Request a “Cancel Location”: This is when T-Mo Customer Service disconnects and reconnects your handset from the tower. Some users have mentioned this resolved their problems.