You Can Tell This “Monterey Jill” Reduced Fat Cheese Is For Women Because It’s So Pretty

Hey, ladies! Have you been feeling like you can’t buy Monterey Jack cheese because it’s got a masculine name and is just soo fatty? Lucerne has the solution, something it calls “Monterey Jack’s lighter companion”: It’s a lady cow named Monterey Jill — complete with swirly purple writing and curvy flourishes — wearing a flower on her head, fancy pearls and a sassy smirk. Because only women want to cut the fat, clearly. Sarcasm hats on, everyone.

Meanwhile, Monterey Jack features gender neutral colors and a couple of regular cows — which are still female, because that’s what the word “cow” means. So apparently Monterey Jack just doesn’t feel the need to wear jewelry and go to the hair salon.

This isn’t a new product — though we first saw it on the Seanan’s Tumblr, the blog Sociological Images had a post about it over a year ago and brought up all the issues anyone with a pair of eyes and a non-sexist attitude would have.

Do only women want reduced fat cheese? No. Are all women into dieting and reduced fat products? Definitely no (especially when it comes to cheese because seriously, you are just ruining it that way and it makes my heart cry little cheesy tears).

At the end of the day, you don’t have to buy the stuff if the preening Jill makes you mad, but we still reached out to Lucerne to see if the company had anything to say to critics of the packaging who might find it sexist.

*Editorial note on the above post: To quote one colleague, “I want to punch this cheese in the face.”

**And to quote another, “Does cheese have a face?”

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  1. mrkake says:

    Other than being potentially sexist, it’s really just stupid when on the display next to the other cheese. There are no male cows, we all know that… So why try to portray the other as being more masculine. It still came from the inside of a female cow’s body.

    But lets not forget the way cheese is actually produced (artificial insemination and forced pregnancy, children turned into veal, etc…. I mean… the whole process is something we would never let happen to humans) Cheese isn’t supposed to be pretty. If you are desensitized enough to eat it, being sexist should be the least of your worries. Just my opinion.

    • ResNullum says:

      There are many things people do to animals that they would never do to humans (consumption, for one). If someone eats meat anyway, then why should dairy farming disgust them?

      (Yes, I know I’m feeding an off-topic rant.)

      • mrkake says:

        I guess my question is more like: If someone eats cheese [or meat] anyway, then why should sexism disgust them?

        I know the answer, because people are speciesist and ignorant. And sure the packaging is making some assumptions it should not make.

        I just think people could better invest their time getting mad about something that will actually make a difference.

        • ResNullum says:

          If we aren’t allowed to point out ignorance, stupidity, and sexism unless we commit no egregious sins of our own, then humanity will go nowhere. “You do it, too” is only a reasonable defence when evaluating someone’s character, not the morality or sensibility of their actions. (When you have a moment, look up the tu quoque fallacy.) If we also are not allowed to point out smaller flaws until the larger flaws have been resolved, then we might as well do away with all cultural and scientific thought that doesn’t contribute to feeding starving children (or feel free to insert your own humanitarian crisis).