Zoo Bans Visitor Because It Isn’t A Good Idea To Climb Into The Lions’ Den Armed With Cookies



While we’re unaware of any existing maxim that says lions can be tamed with a package of sweet treats, the Memphis Zoo is definitely against any plan involving visitors hopping enclosure barriers to offer up cookies to the big cats. That’s why the zoo has banned one woman, who allegedly climbed into the actual lions’ den while singing and bearing snacks.

It’s unclear if she was attempting some sort of big cat selfie, reports WMC-TV, but her fellow visitors contacted zoo security when they saw her jump over the barrier to enter the lion’s enclosure, reportedly while singing. The only thing between her and the cats? A bit of wire.

“[She was singing] some song that was telling how much she missed them. It was bizarre,” a witness told the station. “I’ve never seen someone singing to a lion. It was really loud.”

The zoo confirmed the incident, which was the second time she’s gotten in trouble for trying to feed the lions cookies.

“Last week she was noticed by our security staff throwing objects into the lion exhibit; at that time she was asked to leave the zoo,” a Memphis Zoo spokesperson said.

Not only is it dangerous for a human to be so close to the animals — whether they’re tamer than say, a wild lion or not — but cookies are not part of a lion’s daily diet.

As such, the singing cookie-bearer will have to find another way to connect with the animals: Her photo has been distributed at the zoo in case she defies officials and tries again.

“She was asked to leave the zoo permanently. She will not be granted access to the zoo anymore,” the spokesperson added.

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