At Walgreens, Nothing Says “Grilling Essentials” Like Colorful, Highly Flammable Feather Boas

You know exactly how this scenario plays out: You’re standing there in front of your backyard grill –whether it’s traditional charcoal or gas — hands empty, brain blank, just wondering what in the heck you need to get this thing going. Forget lighter fluid, propane or charcoal, tongs, mitts and grill scrapers. If only someone could tell you the answer…

Walgreens knows what’s really essential for a successful backyard grilling session: Brightly colored, highly flammable feather boas, of course.

You know, so any escaping sparks aren’t wasted on something as boring as the ground, and can instead ignite whatever those accessories favored by cabaret singers, bachelorette parties and fabulous people in general are made out of.

Consumerist reader Kevin snapped this photo of a Kingsford display festooned with a cascade of multi-color boas in a Chicago Walgreens, noting “Without a doubt.”


While we know the saying is “pain is beauty,” please don’t take that literally and for the love of all things flammable — like your skin — don’t wear a boa while cooking or near any kind of fire. You might look fantastic but it ain’t worth it.

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