“This Looks Like My Hearing Aid”: What Happens When The Older Set Tries Google Glass

Pamela is my favorite.

Pamela is my favorite, is unsure about Glass.

Listen, plenty of young/youngish people think Google Glass looks a little bit weird, so the fact that a group of older folks can’t quite get a grip on the idea isn’t too surprising. Still, “This looks like my hearing aid” is pretty darn funny.

The Fine Brothers sat down to make a YouTube video with members of the older set experiencing Google Glass for the first time, and the reactions are, of course, comedy gold: “Kinda weird,” “Looks like a science fiction movie” and “I think you can see a screen up here when you put it on” all serve the purpose of making us giggle about how weird technology really is.

Once the subjects have Google Glass on properly (after a few miscues and sheepish giggles, of course) the fun continues — “Spaceship 12 calling Earth! Spaceship 12 calling Earth!” one guy yells, making me very much wish he was my pal.

Some folks have heard of Google Glass — but how?

“Because I’m hip,” asserts one very hip lady indeed.

But the fact that you actually speak to it to make it work? “You’re kidding.”

Nope. No kidding, Pamela my friend, just cyborging.

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  1. Pacer says:

    Yeah, Mary Beth. That’s a really funny video, that is. It’s always hilarious to give people unfamiliar with certain technology something to try and then laugh at them. It’s also REALLY hilarious when those people are elderly. And it’s even funnier to record their reactions and edit the recording so they all look really stupid.

    Well, done Consumerist. Hope you find some more demeaning videos to post on the site.